AOST Strategy

Apart from mail outs to potential project donors, which helped raise funds to launch Yendys and Australia IV, the Australian Open Skiff Trust has had success with special invitations to keen yachtsmen to race on the new boats. This ignited skiff sailing passion and donations followed, so both of these strategies will continue.

The current goal is to raise more funds to build the boatshed and the three new replicas and the intention is to use the positive momentum and interest around the harbour to engage small groups of passionate yachties to support the building of one of these replicas. They will be encouraged to take an ongoing interest in their replica skiff by following the weekly race results, especially in future championship events.

To fund the one-off $300 000 needed to rebuild the burnt-out boatshed, the Trust will endeavour to attract a passionate benefactor. Following ASF project registration, the individual or business entity will be able to receive tax deductibility for their donation, as do all Australian Open Skiff Trust project supporters.

The ASF offer of tax deductibility for donations in support of the Australian Open Skiff Trust project has given 18-footer skiff sailing and its host, the Sydney Flying Squadron, a new life. The ASF has provided the funding vehicle to raise the necessary funds to finish off and make sustainable the early contributions of Bob ‘Angry’ Tearne, John ‘Woody’ Winning, Dick ‘Not’ Notley, ‘Steamer’, ‘Fergie’ and ‘Smithy’ to name a few.

It is hoped that the Sydney Flying Squadron will become the historic home of 18-footer racing and a bona fide sailing attraction on Sydney Harbour. At that point, the ASF and its team will have helped to create something very special.
The Australian Open Skiff Trust is based from the Sydney Flying Squadron on Sydney Harbour.