Tax-deductable donations

If you would like to make a tax-deductible deduction to support the skiffs, you can do it through the Australian Open Skiff Trust (AOST). The donation is made through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) which is a federal government agency. You nominate the purpose of the donation, and make payment to ASF. They forward the donation to AOST and AOST will ensure it is used for the purpose nominated.

Case study – The Australian Open Skiff Trust

The project To support the sport of traditional open 18-foot skiff racing by acquiring, building and racing pre-1950 replicas of famous skiffs and recording the history of the sport at the Sydney Flying Squadron, Careening Cove, Sydney Harbour.

The need

Many people are aware that Sydney Harbour has nurtured Sydneysiders and provided a sense of place and prosperity for its caretakers and its people. There is also a sense of pride in its globally recognised man-made icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

What is less well known is that before either of these icons were constructed, 18-footer racing was the main cultural sport and social talking point for Sydneysiders during their long summers.

Although maritime museums exhibit original skiffs and snapshots of 18-foot racing, these displays are static and do not reflect or demonstrate the human element involved in shaping the evolution of skiff design and construction, and the social interaction and promotion of the iconic Australian 18-foot skiff over years that included two world wars and the Great Depression.

The need for action became obvious, with time becoming critical before the key human links to 60 years of 18-footer racing skill and history literally passed on and knowledge was lost forever, together with historic trophies, memorabilia and journals that could end up buried in landfills across the country.

By 2006, a simple plan and initiative had gained momentum and interest, stimulated by re-enactments of historic events and regular weekend historic skiff races conducted at the Sydney Flying Squadron.

Rather than let the sport just fade away over time, a decision was made to expand the replica fleet and crews to re-create and formalise interest in the sport. This decision needed a sustainable management plan that could raise necessary funds to commission new replicas, maintain the existing fleet and build a storage shed on Sydney Flying Squadron land adjacent to the club.

The ASF was subsequently approached to consider supporting the project’s financial needs through Category 1 project registration. This would enable fundraising using the ASF’s tax deductible status as an incentive for donors and consideration for discretionary grants. ASF approval for our Traditional 18s Project was granted to the Australian Open Skiff Trust in 2006.

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