Our Goal

The goal is to build a critical mass of interest and support for the sport of 18-footer skiff sailing at the Sydney Flying Squadron. In the future, we want to provide sufficient revenue to underpin the management plan’s sustainability for future generations. AHSSA plans to be the next caretakers of the history and the racing fleet.

To achieve that outcome the Australian Open Skiff Trust wants to raise funds over the next period to launch five new replica 18-foot skiffs and cap the fleet off at 15 race boats. Initially, three famous original skiffs were researched — HC Press, Desdemona and Crows Nest — and traditional timber boat builders are ready to build them from their original plans and half models. By utilising volunteer labour, a ready-to-race replica can be launched for around $100 000 each.

To provide storage for the boats the Trust wants to rebuild the burnt-out boatshed on waterfront land owned by the Sydney Flying Squadron, and to that end, a development application has been prepared for submission to North Sydney Council for approval. The boatshed and approval has been costed at $300 000 and the intention is to register a second ASF project for this facility development.